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Ref: 5381
These Blind Bags, or Mystery Packs, as they are also known, contain a secret Sylvanian baby and a mini...
Ref: 5538
Create your very own Bakery Delivery Van by combining the Family Picnic Van and Bakery Shop Starter Se...
RRP £56.98£46.95
Ref: 5536
Open your very own bakery with this detailed playset. Over 30 pieces.
Ref: 5360
Welcome to the brightest shop in town, where cat sister Miranda Maple sells the most fragrant blooms i...
Ref: 5234
Over 30 pieces; includes Persian cat mother
RRP £44.99£34.99
Ref: 5053
This lovely stall has over 40 treats for your Sylvanians that will delight both adults and children al...
Ref: 5266
Pick up a colourful sweet treat from the Candy Wagon.
RRP £10.99£9.99
Ref: 6016
Beautiful confectionaries are aplenty in the Chocolate Lounge. Take a seat on the comfy sofa and order...
Ref: 5235
Over 30 pieces. Includes Persian cat sister.
RRP £19.99£16.99
Ref: 6006
The Designer Studio is the perfect starter set for the Sylvanian Town Series, including this beautiful...
Ref: 5239
Super-detailed Doughnut Store with over 30 pieces, including bear mother Carol Osborne.
RRP £18.99£16.99
Ref: 5236
Freya Chocolate loves to visit the Boutique in the village and browse through all the pretty dresses o...
RRP £19.99£16.99
Ref: 5460
Welcome to the prettiest store in town, where rabbit sister Stella Chocolate showcases her latest desi...
RRP £44.99£37.99
Ref: 5541
Dress to impress with this Mix & Match Fashion Set including Caramel dog older sister.
Ref: 5540
Dress to impress with this Mix & Match Fashion Set including Marshmallow mouse older sister.
Ref: 5265
Get all of your five a day from the Fruit Wagon.
RRP £10.99£9.99
Ref: 6022
The Grand Department Store is the jewel in the crown of the Sylvanian Town. This gift set includes all...
RRP £119.99£99.99
Ref: 5315
Visit the Grocery Market to stock up on every day essentials that your Sylvanians may have run out of.
Ref: 5271
This colourful restaurant has eat in and take out, plus a 'drive-thru' window on one side Over 30 p...
Ref: 4669
Join Hazel Dappledawn and her granddaughter Rhianna as they head out to the shops. Flair UK edition...
Ref: 5240
With over 40 details pieces, this colourful Hot Dog Van will be a favourite lunch stop for all your Sy...
RRP £26.99£24.99
Ref: 4478
Fresh fruit, jams and juices to quench your thirst. Includes rabbit mother Betty Blackberry
Ref: 4674
Time to go shopping with mummy for the groceries. Flair UK edition with 'gripping' style hands.
Ref: 4610
This colourful stall is full of delightful treats for your Sylvanians.
RRP £10.99£9.99
Ref: 5054
Hop on over to the town square and pick up a tasty treat from the Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop.
Ref: 5052
Includes Harvey grey cat parents in shop uniforms with basket, pricing gun and groceries.
Ref: 5051
Everyone in Sylvania loves to stop at the Sweets Store. The wonderful smell of freshly baked cookies m...
Ref: 5263
Toy Poodle mother Veronica Cakebread is an expert pastry chef and has opened her own shop in Sylvania!
RRP £44.99£29.99
Ref: 4682
Shop for stationery, gifts, greetings cards and more at the Village Gift Boutique. includes two figure...
Ref: 4862
Let your Sylvanian put their best paw forwards with a lovely pair of shoes from the Village Shoe Shop.
RRP £12.99£11.99
Ref: 4670
Set includes grandpa Bert Harvey, grandma Joyes Harvey, shopping basket, pricing gun and additional gr...
Total Results : 1 - 31 Of 31