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[SF] Pre-loved & Used

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Ref: 4006F
Squirrel father Kenneth Furbanks. Flair UK edition from 2009. Cellophane wrapped, no box.
Ref: 3242
Badger mother Beatrix Underwood. Vintage Tomy UK edition with 'gripping' hands in cellophane wrappi...
Ref: PL56
Pre-loved Ambrose Walnut Squirrel Baby - comes with vintage bottle and crib
Ref: PL99
Pre-loved Babblebrook Bridesmaid - originally from Bridesmaid and Page boy set
Ref: PL66
Pre-loved Belinda Brighteyes figure
Ref: PL77
Pre-loved Bilberry Bramble baby - comes with vintage cot and bottle
Ref: PL78
Pre loved Brighteyes Groom - Tomy edition
Ref: PL34
Pre-loved Buster Slydale Fox Brother
Ref: PL26
Pre-loved Eleanor Bramble Hedgehog Mother
Ref: PL70
Pre-loved Ewan Dale Sheep Father
Ref: PL90
Pre-loved Gail Spotter Meerkat Sister
Ref: PL88
Pre-loved Hollie Wildwood Rabbit Sister
Ref: PL84
Pre-loved Ivy Timbertop Bear Sister
Ref: PL63
Pre-loved Mortimer Bramble Hedgehog Father
Ref: PL76
Pre-loved Quincy Marmalade Bear Grandfather
Ref: PL83
Pre-loved Quincy Marmalade without his stick and glasses
Ref: PL54
Pre-loved Rachael Forrester Dog Mother
Ref: PL05
Pre-loved Rebecca Periwinkle Rabbit Sister
Ref: PL06
Pre-loved Rufus Dalmation Dog Brother
Ref: PL07
Pre-loved Scarlet Slydale Fox Sister
Ref: PL03
Pre-loved Sparkle Rabbit Cheerleader
Ref: PL09
Pre-loved Velvette Slydale Fox Mother
Total Results : 1 - 22 Of 22