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[SF] Family Life

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Ref: 5040
Colourful ride-on toys for your Sylvanian babies. Perfect for fun in the park!
RRP £18.99£16.99
Ref: 5092
It's bathtime for bear baby Melody Osborne, and her big sister Ava is there to help!
RRP £19.99£16.99
Ref: 5544
These Blind Bags, or Mystery Packs, as they are also known, contain a secret Sylvanian baby and a fanc...
Ref: 5640
Figure & accessory set with elephant sister plus portable barbecue grill, table & chairs and a selecti...
RRP £24.99£22.99
Ref: 4707
With over 30 pieces the Butler Set includes everything that Mr. Cheshire needs to serve your Grand Hot...
Ref: 5264
Toy Poodle sister Melinda Cakebread loves making cakes, but decorating them is her favourite part!
RRP £12.99£11.99
Ref: 5017
Baby at Home Set with Creme Chocolate and cot.
RRP £11.99£10.99
Ref: 5015
This detailed cloakroom set is perfect for any Sylvanian home, large or small.
RRP £17.99£14.99
Ref: 5013
Rabbit father Frasier Chocolate with living room furniture.
RRP £17.99£14.99
Ref: 5014
This fantastically detailed set has over 20 pieces.
RRP £17.99£14.99
Ref: 5016
Rabbit sister Freya Chocolate with study furniture.
RRP £17.99£14.99
Ref: 5532
Set of three newborn rabbit triplet babies with bassinet and feeding chairs.
Ref: 5432
Rabbit twins Kabe & Breeze Chocolate with their pram and toys. New 2020 version with blue pram and ...
RRP £13.99£12.99
Ref: 5652
Figure & accessory set with panda sister plus bicycle, skates and accessories. Includes over 12 pie...
Ref: 4281
Mother and baby Farthing dog with bicycle and shopping bag. Epoch UK edition with flat hands.
RRP £19.99£14.99
Ref: 4281UK
Mother and baby Farthing dog with bicycle and shopping bag. Flair UK edition from 2004.
Ref: 5601
Set of three adorable ducklings with a pretty baby pram. Limited edition product available while st...
Ref: 5258
Freya Chocolate and Tiffany Golightly would love to take you ice skating!
Ref: 4674
Time to go shopping with mummy for the groceries. Flair UK edition with 'gripping' style hands.
Ref: 5646
Figure & accessory set with Tuxedo cat sister, birthday cake, presents, balloon and more.
Ref: 5644
18 piece hairdresser & accessory set with pony mother Serafina Manely.
Ref: 5141
Essentials for your Sylvanian kitchen with sheep sister figure. Epoch UK edition with flat hands.
RRP £14.99£10.99
Ref: 5551
Figure & furniture set with baby bunk beds, rabbit baby brother and elephant baby brother.
RRP £14.99£12.99
Ref: 5549
Figure & furniture set with washing machine, vacuum cleaner and rabbit father figure.
RRP £14.99£12.99
Ref: 5550
Figure & furniture set with bath, shower, toilet and rabbit sister figure.
RRP £14.99£12.99
Ref: 5548
Figure & furniture set with refrigerator, accessories and rabbit mother figure.
RRP £14.99£12.99
Ref: 5637
Join Husky siblings Pauline & Hayden as they set off on their adventures with their trusty tandem bike...
RRP £24.99£22.99
Ref: 5433
Myriam Chantilly is a new mother and latest addition to the family is baby Jacques. Epoch UK editio...
Ref: 5641
Figure & accessory set with white rabbit mother, suitcase and a host of holiday-themed accessories, pe...
Total Results : 1 - 29 Of 29