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[SF] Seasonal & Occasions

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Ref: 5474
These Blind Bags, or Mystery Packs, as they are also known, contain a secret Sylvanian baby and a mini...
Ref: 5268
Creme Chocolate and Apricot Sandy just can't wait for Halloween!
RRP £19.99£16.99
Ref: 5390
Celebrate Christmas in Sylvania with white mouse baby Albert Marshmallow!
Ref: 5389
Get ready for trick or treating with the Halloween Playhouse.
Ref: 2229
Halloween is just around the corner and the babies in Sylvania can't wait!
Ref: 5531
Come and join the snow white Easter bunny on an exciting Easter egg hunt!
RRP £14.99£9.99
Ref: 5568
Christmas themed holiday set with 2 figures and over 15 pieces.
Ref: 4269
Throw your Sylvanians a special party for any occasion with this party table and chairs plus buffet, d...
Ref: 5646
Figure & accessory set with Tuxedo cat sister, birthday cake, presents, balloon and more.
Ref: 5207
Join rabbit sister Freya Chocolate as she celebrates her birthday with her friends and family.
RRP £19.99£16.99
Ref: 5542
Come and explore the haunted house at the Baby Amusement Park.
RRP £15.99£14.99
Ref: 5654
Five figure set with Halloween costumes and accessories. Limited edition.
Ref: 5589
Set of three babies in Halloween costumes - all ready to head out trick or treating!
Total Results : 1 - 13 Of 13