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[DB] In the Kitchen

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Ref: 2137
Ceramic basket filled with eggs.
Ref: 2128
A set of 2 pretty ceramic egg cups with removable eggs.
Ref: 2206
Ceramic glazed Bread Crock with removeable lid.
Ref: 2208
Set of 3 glazed ceramic storage jars with lids. One each for Tea, Coffee and Sugar.
Ref: 1736
Copper cooking pot with matching lid.
Ref: 0330B
A pair of matching copper cooking pots with lids.
Ref: 2058A
Large copper mixing bowl with handles.
Ref: 2058B
Pair of copper mixing bowls with handles; medium & small sizes.
Ref: 0330A
A pair of matching copper saucepans with lids.
Ref: 1716
Set of 3 copper pans in small, medium and large.
Ref: 1581
Mixing bowl with eggs for beating & hand whisk.
Ref: 2282
12 piece cutlery set in silver.
Ref: 0061
Mixing bowl with eggs & ballloon whisk.
Ref: 2207
Set of ceramic glazed Flour Crock with removeable lid and Salt Pig.
Ref: 1644
Copper kettle on metal trivet.
Ref: 0259B
A pair of matching metal cooking pots with lids.
Ref: 0259A
A pair of matching metal saucepans with lids.
Ref: D1238
Set of 6 Glass Storage Jars with Lids.
Ref: 0501
Perfect for your larder, general store or shopping basket, an assortment of tinned provisions. Pack...
Ref: 4394
Stock your wine cellar or grocery store with this pack of 6 wine bottles, three red and three green.
Ref: 1787
Wooden microwave for your miniature kitchens.
Total Results : 1 - 21 Of 21