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Ref: 5381
These Blind Bags, or Mystery Packs, as they are also known, contain a secret Sylvanian baby and a mini...
Ref: 5360
Welcome to the brightest shop in town, where cat sister Miranda Maple sells the most fragrant blooms i...
Ref: 5368
Set the table for a smart dinner with this detailed furniture & accessory set.
Ref: 5338
Perfect for your Sylvanian brothers and sisters, this super-detailed furniture will look lovely in any...
Ref: 5339
Settle down with the family on the comfy suite, your favourite programme is about to start!
Ref: 5340
Gather your favourite family around the dining table – it’s time for tea!
Ref: 5365
Looking for somewhere to live in town in Sylvania? Look no further, welcome to the Elegant Town Manor.
Ref: 5391
Looking for somewhere to live in town in Sylvania? Look no further, welcome to the Elegant Town Manor.
Ref: LP33
Large poster [A1 size] showing the names of all families released in the UK range of Sylvanian Familie...
Ref: 5361
Perfect for your Sylvanian park, garden or town square, this set is packed full of colourful detail.
Ref: 5369
Milk rabbit older sister Catherine Periwinkle is Sylvania’s top florist. She can recommend the perfe...
Ref: 5367
A traditional kitchen range with gold handles and double ovens.
Ref: 5341
Looking for furniture and accessories for the heart of the home? Look no further!
Ref: 5366
Treat your Sylvanians to an even better night’s sleep with this beautifully dressed and sumptuous be...
Ref: 5303
Begin your Sylvanian Families collection with this perfect starter house, or use it to add a much-need...
Ref: 5302
Create your Sylvanians their dream home in this large, modular house with working lights.
Ref: 5300
Create Red Roof Grand Mansion, the largest house in Sylvania, by connecting Red Roof Country Home and ...
RRP £96.98£89.99
Ref: 1674
Immerse yourself into life in Sylvania with our vintage story cassette tape - featuring lots of your f...
Ref: 5393
Expand your Sylvanian home or start your collection with this beautifully designed single-storey dwell...
Ref: LP35
Vintage-style Sylvanian Families Bone China Mug.
Total Results : 1 - 20 Of 20