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Ref: 5741
Colourful and fun beds for your Sylvanian babies. Available NOW!
Ref: 5709
Figure and accessory set featuring nursery furniture and toys for your babies.
Ref: 5739
A beautiful claw-footed bathtub and accessories. Available NOW!
Ref: 5736
A beautiful gardening set with Sister and Brother Flora Rabbit. Available NOW!
Ref: 5735
Four figure posable family set with mother, father, & baby triplets. Epoch UK edition with flat ha...
RRP £29.99£24.99
Ref: 5737
Set of 2 baby figures – one sitting, one crawling. Also includes a ride-on train toy.
RRP £10.49£9.99
Ref: 5738
Four Figure posable family set with mother, father, girl and baby. Accessories include drinks, a w...
RRP £29.99£24.99
Ref: 5749
Nursery Friends Fennec Fox baby Yulie, Walnut Squirrel baby Ambrose and the Splashy Otter baby Nicola ...
RRP £18.99£17.99
Ref: 5748
Marshmallow Mouse baby Albert and Pookie Panda baby Angela are all dressed ready to splash in the pudd...
Ref: 5750
Nursery Friends - Sleepover Trio is the perfect addition to your nursery collections! Create fun scene...
RRP £18.99£17.99
Ref: 5747
The Nursery Friends - Walk Along Duo Set contains Chocolate Rabbit baby, Crème and the Persian Cat ba...
Ref: 5746
The bran new Nursery Sandbox & Pool set is perfect for the nursery. It comes with a Flora Rabbit cradl...
RRP £22.99£19.99
Ref: 5745
The Nursery Swing has a swing set and slide that is perfect for the Sunny Castle Nursery. It comes wit...
Ref: OL1
Olive's Deal of the Week - Fashion Playset Town Girl Persian Cat
RRP £19.99£16.99
Ref: 5413
Poseable baby figure with hat & bag.
Ref: 5744
This brand new, brightly coloured nursery school bus, is the perfect way to get your Sylvanian's off t...
Ref: 5708
Create your Sylvanians their dream home in this large, modular house with working lights plus a secret...
Ref: 5692
4 figure poseable family set with mother, father, baby sister & baby brother. Also includes a baby sl...
Ref: 5693
Set of 2 baby figures – one sitting, one crawling. Also includes a ride-on car toy.
Ref: 5743
The Sunny Castle Nursery set contains a nursery with changeable weather and the Flora Rabbit Baby. The...
Ref: 5742
A large dining table with four chairs, loaded high with sweet treats to enjoy. Available NOW!
Ref: 5740
Updated furniture for the smallest room of the house. Available NOW!
Ref: 5707
Set of three newborn rabbit triplet babies with baby bath & toy train.
Total Results : 1 - 23 Of 23