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[SF] Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus
Ref: 5744Age 3+Sylvanian Families
This brand new, brightly coloured nursery school bus, is the perfect way to get your Sylvanian's off to school. Your Sylvanian babies will be having heaps of fun before they even arrive to nursery!
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Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus is a triple-decker nursery bus that seats 28 babies (including cradled babies), the bus can also fold out into a fun play area for the babies.
The seats have many features and can turn into a merry-go-round, swing, slide, see-saw, piano and baby carriage. The ropes of the swing can be used as seatbelts on the bus to make sure those babies are safe! 
Combine with the Sunny Castle Nursery and Nursery Sandbox & Pool (sold separately) to make a nursery that looks like a big castle.