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About us

What is SSK?
SSK stands for Sylvanian Store Keepers. We are a family-owned, independent online toy retailer, specialising in Sylvanian Families and other collectable miniatures.
We have been involved with Sylvanian Families since it first arrived in the UK way back in 1987. In its current form, SSK Productions Ltd. was created in 1991 by Simon & Angela Harwood, to manage the Sylvanian Families Token Collectors Scheme on behalf of Tomy, who were the brand’s original UK distributor.
In 1992 we started the original Sylvanian Families Collector’s Club, and opened our store in Mountgrove Road, London, where we welcomed Sylvanian collectors from around the globe for two generations. Our London shop closed permantently in April 2023.

In 2023 the next generation of our family took over running our website, so while Simon & Angela, known by many as Taylor  Rose Timbertop, have now retired, our online store is now in the capable paws of their daughter, Eleanor (known here in Sylvania as Daisy Timbertop, naturally).

What do we do?
We believe in good customer service, properly delivered, and we whole-heartedly believe in the brands we sell. Our small team are passionate about our products and are always happy to go the extra mile for our customers.
We are delighted to be the only independent Sylvanian retailer of our kind. Our extensive range, coupled with our fantastic customer service and expert product knowledge make us a the one-stop-online-shop for Sylvanian fans of all ages.

What do we sell?

Our main product offering is, of course, Sylvanian Families. We also stock a selection of other carefully selected brands that compliment our Sylvanian friends, meaning you can shop from any of our ranges and mix-and-match items from all of them. You can read more about Sylvanian Families, and our other brands too, by clicking on the ‘Our Brands’ link at the top of the page.