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[SF] Blooming Flower Shop
Ref: 5360Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Welcome to the brightest shop in town, where cat sister Miranda Maple sells the most fragrant blooms in Sylvania.
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With so many special occasions where flowers make the perfect gift, the Blooming Flower Shop is always busy. Cat older sister Miranda Maple has a brain for business, and runs the flower shop with the help of her best friend, and expert florist, Catherine Periwinkle, the milk rabbit older sister.

Pick flowers from the extensive selection on display and wrap them into a bouquet, or pop them in a pretty gift box with a bow and ribbon. Beautiful!

Figures not included.

Approx height – 18cm
Approx footprint - 15cm x 25cm

Connects to Designer Studio, Cream Gelato Shop, Elegant Town Manor, Delicious Restaurant

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