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[SF] Fashion Playset - Sugar Sweet Collection
Ref: 5540Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Dress to impress with this Mix & Match Fashion Set including Marshmallow mouse older sister.
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Fashion Playset - Sugar Sweet Collection

Stephanie Marshmallow is the older sister from the white mouse family – making her Katherine & Christopher’s big sister.


Stephanie is a talented furniture and interiors designer, who excels in creating the exact style her clients want, from minimalist and vintage to art deco. When it comes to fashion, for Stephanie, the prettier the better. She loves to dress in pastel candy colours, and always likes to embellish her outfits with extra bows or ribbons.


Set includes Stephanie, a display stand for her outfits, and an array of shoes, garments and accessories giving you countless outfit combinations to try out!

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