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[SF] Oswald Ocher Rabbit Family (*)
Ref: 5129Age 3+Sylvanian Families
3 figure poseable family set with father, mother & sister.

Epoch UK edition with flat hands.
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Father Benjamin Oswald is fascinated by history and architecture. He has a passion for restoring old buildings to their former glory, and loves helping the other Sylvanians with their home improvements. Benjamin knows everything there is to know about every building in Sylvania, whether it be village or town, he knows when it was built and who by.

Mother Sienna Oswald is a whizz in the garden. Her greenhouse is her pride and joy, and her vegetable patch takes up more than half of the garden! Sienna’s favourite things to grow are carrots, naturally, plus lettuce, radishes and beetroot, to name just a few. She always has a stall at the weekly farmer’s market as she grows far more than her family can eat themselves.

Sister Amber Oswald doesn’t share her father’s passion for history, nor her mother’s interest in gardening. Her passion in life is magic! Whether she’s practicing card tricks, or reading adventure novels about wizards and dragons, Amber always has her head in the world of illusions and fantasy. Halloween is her favourite holiday, and every year she spends weeks planning her costume to make sure it’s just right.