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[LW] Whiffpuff Skunk Family (*)
Ref: 706258Age 3+Li'l Woodzeez
4 figure poseable family set with mother, father, baby & child. Figures have gripping hands.
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If you need something to make your home smell gorgeous then you must visit the Fresh-as-a-Daisy Scent Shop in Honeysuckle Hollow.
Father Jacob Whiffpuff runs the store, and works with his eldest daughter, Violet, to create the most wonderful, natural products and toiletries. Their marshmallow-scented candles and cinnamon-bun shampoo are the best-sellers!

Mother Jasmine Whiffpuff is in charge of the Air Quality Patrol. When she’s not slaving away over the company books, she is patrolling Honeysuckle Hollow, measuring the air quality and keeping an eye out for fallen trees that need replanting. Jasmine loves being out and about, especially as she can push baby Iris in her pram while she’s working.
Set includes:
Mother Jasmine Whiffpuff
Father Jacob Whiffpuff
Sister Violet Whiffpuff
Baby sister Iris Whiffpuff