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[LW] Waterwaggle Beaver Family (*)
Ref: 706000Age 3+Li'l Woodzeez
4 figure poseable family set with mother, father, baby & child. Figures have gripping hands.
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Lulu Waterwaggle and her husband, Bobby, run the Busy Beaver Launderette. They use naturally scented, eco-friendly detergents to ensure your sheets, pillowcases and clothes come out smelling fresh as a daisy.
Their children, Tapper and Tiny, love the scent of fresh, clean linen, so are very helpful when it comes to folding sheets and tablecloths. The Busy Beaver Launderette really is a family show!
The family are huge fans of good food, and can often be found gazing into the window of the Village Bakery, trying to choose whether to go for an acorn pie or a hazelnut cupcake.
Set includes:
Mother Lulu Waterwaggle
Father Bobby Waterwaggle
Sister Tapper Waterwaggle
Baby brother Tiny Waterwaggle