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[LW] Li'l Luv & Hugs Nursery
Ref: 706161Age 3+Li'l Woodzeez
You babies will enjoy the fun and games of going to nursery every day.

Includes over 45 pieces.
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The Li’l Luv & Hugs Nursery is the perfect place to make sure that your families have a safe place to leave their little ones during a busy day at work.

Dalmatian mother Molly Sue Woofwinkle is the nursery teacher, and she knows just how to make the little ones feel at home. This super-cute nursery school includes lots of fun toys & games, a reading corner, craft area and even a little sandpit!

At lunchtime pop a bib on your babies and sit them up for their sandwiches and fruit. And when it’s time to go home, it’s easy to tidy away all your toys with the colourful storage bins.

Over 40 accessories. Figures not included.

Approx height – 15cm
Approx footprint - 20cm x 15cm