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[LW] Li'l Blossoms Flower Shop
Ref: 706164Age 3+Li'l Woodzeez
This pretty little shop comes with over 30 accessories including lots of colourful flowers.
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Li’l Blossoms Flower Shop is the perfect place to learn about the joys of gardening while also getting some tools to make your own garden a little brighter. Grab a watering can for those hot and dry summer afternoons. Or perhaps one of the many mini floral arrangements on display will make a fantastic gift for that special someone?

Regardless of the season, the Flower Shop will have everything that you need to brighten up any living space with their gorgeous selection of miniature plants. Stop in the next time that you’re strolling through Honeysuckle Hollow to see what these florists have in store for you!

Over 30 accessories. Figures not included.

Approx height – 15cm
Approx footprint - 20cm x 15cm