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[LW] Lemonade Stand Set
Ref: 706539Li'l WoodzeezAge 3+
Would you like a glass of fresh lemonade? White rabbit sister Star Hoppingood follows her secret family recipe.

Includes over 20 pieces.
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What do you do when your family has had a bumper crop of lemons, more than they could even sell at the Farmers Market? Enterprising white rabbit sister, Star Hoppingood, has a plan – she’s going to make lemonade and sell it outside her garden gate!

The lemonade is chilling, and Star has even whipped up a batch of tasty looking cupcakes as well, with a little help from her father Elliot of course! Elliot has also made a pretty white stand for Star to display her wares on, which she has decorated with homemade bunting that her mum, Amelia, helped her to make.

We get the feeling that Star is going to do rather well with this endeavour!

Over 20 pieces.
Includes white rabbit sister Star Hoppingood.