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[LW] Hoppingood White Rabbit Family
Ref: 706006Age 3+Li'l Woodzeez
4 figure poseable family set with mother, father, baby & child. Figures have gripping hands.

Includes illustrated story book.
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Father Elliot Hoppingood is an arable farmer, and he grows everything his family need to feed all the villagers in Honeysuckle Hollow! His blueberries are especially good.

Mother Amelia Hoppingood runs the Hoppin’ Farmers Market, selling all the fresh produce Elliot grows on the family farm. The villagers can chose from a vast array of fruit and vegetables, with seasonal favourites always being especially popular.

Sister Star Hoppingood loves to help out in the family business. Whether it be harvesting crops in the fields with her father, or helping her mother at the market on busy weekends, there is always something to do.

Baby brother Theo Hoppingood is a little small to help out his family just yet. However he does like to eat the produce, especially the blueberries, which caused a bit of a fuss one time! You can read more about that in the family story book.

Set includes:
Mother Amelia Hoppingood
Father Elliot Hoppingood
Sister Star Hoppingood
Baby brother Theo Hoppingood
Story book – “Hoppin’ Healthy Harvesters”