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[LW] Bobbleez Bobbleheads [series 5]
Ref: 705140Age 3+Li'l Woodzeez
Colourful mystery acorns, each containing a light-up Bobblehead character.
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Good things come in trees! Something magical is happening in Honeysuckle Hollow. Colourful acorns are rolling down the hill, all with a li’l surprise hidden inside!

Every Bobbleez Acorn contains a mystery Li’l Woodzeez Bobblehead character! These colourful characters are super fun, and in series 5 there are 24 different figures to collect, swap and trade with your friends. Even better, in series 5 the bobbleheads all light up! The mystery is that you won’t know which one you’ve got until you have opened the acorn to reveal who is inside!

Each season of Bobbleez Bobbleheads features a number of rare and super-rare characters. In series 5, the rare characters are Sherri Squirrel and Brighty Bluejay, while the super-rare figure is Betty Bulldog. Will you be extra lucky and find one of these three special characters?

One supplied. Each pack contains one light up Bobbleez Bobblehead figure.
Contents cannot be specified and there are 24 different figures to collect in series 5.