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Cakebread Toy Poodles

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Ref: 5264
Toy Poodle sister Melinda Cakebread loves making cakes, but decorating them is her favourite part!
RRP £12.99£11.99
Ref: 5260
Poseable baby figure with crib & bottle.
RRP £7.99£6.99
Ref: 5259
4 figure poseable family set with mother, father, sister & brother. Epoch UK edition with flat hand...
RRP £21.99£17.99
Ref: 5261
Set of 2 baby figures, one sitting, one crawling. Also includes dummy & bottle.
Ref: 6004
Meet the Town Girls; the young ladies who live in the town working their dream jobs. Their younger sib...
Ref: 5263
Toy Poodle mother Veronica Cakebread is an expert pastry chef and has opened her own shop in Sylvania!
Total Results : 1 - 6 Of 6