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[SF] Bamboo Panda Family (*)
Ref: 4465Age 3+Sylvanian Families
4 figure poseable family set with mother, father, sister & brother

Epoch UK edition with flat hands
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Father Bertram Bamboo writes important books about the history and founders of Sylvania and locks himself away in his paper strewn study for hours on end. He is also famous for being very accident prone!

Mother Alexandra Bamboo
likes helping everyone and does lots of charity work, raising money for good causes and important projects. School govenor, village councillor, chairperson of the Women’s Union, any job, Alexandra is always ready to take it on!

Brother Kane Bamboo
plans to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a writer. Unfortunately he’s also accident prone, just like his father! If he’s not bumping into something, he is knocking it over or slipping on it!

Sister Clarice Bamboo
absolutely adores horses and spends all her time at the stables, looking after them. One day she hopes to be a famous rider and showjumper.