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[SF] Hazelnut Dormouse Family
Ref: 4469Age 3+Sylvanian Families
4 figure poseable family set with mother, father, sister & brother.

Flair UK edition with 'gripping' style hands.
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Father Sidney Hazelnut is a bed maker and a very good one too! His beds are very special because he insists on testing each and everyone of them himself. Unfortunately, because they’re so comfortable, he keeps falling asleep and just can’t keep up with customer demand. Between the yawns he will tell you that your bed will be ready in a week or three!

Mother Mona Hazelnut complements her husband’s work perfectly by making bed linen, quilts, pillows and bed covers. Mona’s new designs are beautifully colour co-ordinated, with great attention paid to detail in the trim and finish, but most importantly they keep you warm, snug and cozy in bed!

Brother Otto Hazelnut, like his father loves his bed. His mother has to call him at least three times every morning to get up for school. However, Saturday morning is different. This is the day Otto plays football and he gets himself up, dressed and grabs a quick breakfast before setting off to play without one prompt from his mother.

Sister Odette Hazelnut is a very quiet, softly spoken, shy young lady. All her schoolfriends make a point to look after her, making sure she is alright! Whether in the classroom or on the school bus, they take it in turns to check that she has not fallen asleep.

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