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Starter Home Collection
Starter Home Collection
Ref: AC7

Perfect starter set or add-onto Cosy Cottage Starter Home. Also known as 'Classic Furniture Set'

RRP £22.99; Sylvanian Shop Price £19.99
Flair UK edition figure with 'gripping' style hands


    Starter Home Collection [Classic Furniture Set]

    This starter pack of furniture is perfect for new collectors, or for existing collectors who need to fill up their new house quickly! The set includes an assortment of items for different rooms and one figure. This set is especially good when paired with starter pack houses like Cosy Cottage (ref B100).

    Set includes rabbit mother Teri Chocolate, Desk & Chair Set, Telephone Table Set, Fridge & Accessories and Upright Piano.

    This set has been re-released for 2016 and is also known as Classic Furniture Set.

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