Sylvanian Families

  • Ballet Theatre & Ballerina Friends
  • Whitchurch Shopping Weekend 2017
  • NEW FOR 2017!
  • Beechwood Hall with starter furniture, 2 figures & working lights
  • Treehouse & Log Cabin Gift Set
  • Cedar Terrace Gift Set
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Ref: FL119 Baby Halloween Parade
Ref: FL118 Baby Sleigh Ride Set
Ref: FL116 Ice Skating Friends
Ref: B116 Sky Ride Aventure
Ref: B118 Starry Point Lighthouse
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Here in our 'Coming Soon' section you can get a sneak preview of the
new release Sylvanian Families items for 2017! Exciting stuff!

Don't forget that all prices are for a guide only, and in-stock dates are estimated.
All information will be updated closer to the release date.

Looking for Epoch's brand new TOWN SERIES?

This exciting new range of products launches in Japan in 2017, so will not be available here in the UK until 2018.
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