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[SF] Baby Mermaid Castle
Ref: 5701Age 3+Sylvanian Families
This pretty coral castle is the main attraction in the 'Under-the-Sea' area at Sylvanian Land and has lots of fun rides to enjoy.

Includes 3 figures.
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On the other side of the big forest is a castle tower. Through the gate lies a magical world, a theme park just for babies, called Sylvanian Land. You can see buses pulling up and babies hurrying off, looking forward to all the fun they're about to have.

Inside the park are all the fun things you could image, fun rides here, a colourful parade there. Everywhere you look you’ll see babies having the most wonderful time.

The Baby Mermaid Castle is the main attraction in the 'Under the Sea' section of the amusement park and features a large castle, dream ship ride, jellyfish swings, Aqua-go-round, dancing fish ride and even a mini-submarine! There's a shell-shaped bed for your mermaid babies to relax on and even some buried treasure to discover.

Can also be used as a display piece with room for up to 50 baby figures to be arranged.

Includes rabbit baby Creme Chocolate, fox baby Kaya Fennec & cat baby Blake Persian all dressed in mermaid costumes; other figures not included.

Connects to 5537 Baby Amusement Park for even more fun!

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