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[SF] Floating Cloud Rainbow Train
Ref: 5702Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Travel around the Baby Amusement Park in style with this colourful steam train.

Includes fox baby sister Yulie Fennec.
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There’s no better way to get around the Baby Amusement Park than taking the train! This colourful steam engine has turning wheels and as you chug along the smoke from the funnel puffs up and down, making it a really fun ride for all the babies on board. No one is happier than fox baby sister Yulie Fennec, who’s sitting in the front seat of the train’s smoke cloud today enjoying the view and waving to everyone who they pass.
The Rainbow Train can also be used to tow the go-karts from the Baby Amusement Park (sold separately).

Includes fox baby Yulie Fennec; other figures not included.

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