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Sylvanian Families

  • NEW! Marshmallow Mouse Family
  • Beechwood Hall with starter furniture, 2 figures & working lights
  • NEW! Grocery Market
  • NEW! Baby Castle Nursery Range
  • Treehouse & Log Cabin Gift Set
  • Cedar Terrace - Newlyweds First Home
  • Welcome aboard the Seaside Cruiser Honeymoon Special
Grocery Market
Grocery Market
Ref: B125

Visit the Grocery Market to stock up on every day essentials that your Sylvanians may have run out of.


    Grocery Market

    Available Now!

    Run by mouse mother Bianca Marshmallow, the Grocery Market in Sylvania stocks a great variety of every day necessities from milk and eggs, to fruit and veg. As its open ‘till late, you can always drop in at the Grocery Market on the way home from work to pick up essentials you may have run out of.
    Load your goods onto the checkout counter, and then slide the conveyor to quickly pack your shopping into your bag. There’s even a loyalty card to save points when you shop!

    Featuring reversible floor panel, so you can either have an expanded play space inside the shop, or outside the shop front.
    Includes over 35 pieces.

    Figures not included.

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