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[SF] Baby Seashore Friends Series - Season 11 Blind Bag
Ref: 5721Age 3+Sylvanian Families
These Blind Bags, or Mystery Packs, as they are also known, contain a secret Sylvanian baby and a seaside-themed outfit or accessory. There are 8 different babies to collect!

COMING SOON - available August 2023.
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Baby Seashore Friends Series Blind Bags - Mystery Packs [Season 11]

Everyone in Sylvania loves surprises, and that’s just what you’ll get from the Baby Seashore Friends Series of Blind Bags! These colourful mystery packs each contain a baby figure and a seaside-themed outfit or accessory. The mystery is that you won’t know which one you’ve got until you have opened the pack to reveal who is inside!

There are 8 different sets to collect, swap and trade with your friends to complete your entire baby treats series:
  1. Jason Osborne in lobster costume
  2. Owen Periwinkle with whale toy
  3. Amber Husky with fish wand
  4. Sophie Snow with fish handbag
  5. Jack Splashy with crab hat
  6. Sandy Neptune with shell handbag
  7. Ryan Persian with turtle backpack
  8. Mystery eight figure to collect!
Each blind bag contains one baby figure with a seaside-themed accessory or outfit.
Contents cannot be specified and there are 8 different figures with accessories to collect.