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[SF] Red Roof Cosy Cottage
Ref: 5567Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Begin your Sylvanian Families collection with this perfect starter house, or use it to add a much-needed extension to your existing home.

Updated design with new balcony and furniture features.
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Red Roof Cosy Cottage is the perfect size for both beginners and avid Sylvanian Families collectors.

The 2022 updated design of the starter house features improved furniture and accessories, with a kitchen sink tap that runs pretend water, plus an oven that cooks your pretend food, along with a new Juliet-balcony and picture window offering fantastic views of the beautiful Sylvanian countryside. The front door has been re-modelled to mirror the shape of the balcony opening above it, while the side opening railing has also been updated to create a balcony to the side or rear of the upper floor. The welcome addition of a mailbox next to the front door is perfect for receiving letters & packages from friends and relatives. The central floor piece can be removed from the upstairs and used to extend the ground floor play area.

Connect to Sweet Raspberry Home to create a three storey house for your Sylvanians to live in, or combine with Red Roof Country Home to create Red Roof Grand Mansion, the biggest house in Sylvania!

Includes rabbit sister Freya Chocolate. Other figures not included.
Set also includes kitchen units, table & chairs and bed.

Approx height - 30cm
Approx footprint - 21cm x 26cm

Working Lights:
Add up to 2 working lights to this building using 5528 Ceiling Light which you will find HERE

Connects to Sweet Raspberry Home and Red Roof Country Home

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