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[SF] Stylish Pony Bundle
Ref: X5644Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Stylish Pony Bundle includes both Pony Stylish Hair Salon & Pony's Hair Stylist Set.

Save £9.99 when brought together.
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Save £9.99 when brought together! 

5642 Pony Stylish Hair Salon - Pony sister Sally Manely loves spending time at her mother’s salon in the village, Manely Hair. There are so many different accessories and hairdressing tools to try out, and Sally loves to have her hair washed and styled.

Settle down in the recliner and have your hair washed, and then take a seat upstairs at the styling dresser in front of the large mirror. The styling chair clips into to the floor and holds your figure in place while you plait, braid or create any number of styles for Sally to enjoy. There’s even a booklet of hairstyles included for you to try out. If any of your Sylvanians with shorter fur fancy a new style, there are colourful hair extensions included which can be worn by your other figures and then styled however you like.

5644 Pony Hair Stylist Set - 
Meet Serafina Manely, the pony hair stylist! Serafina and her daugher Sally are delighted to haved moved into Sylvanian village, where Serafina is has opened her own salon on the high street.

You can create different lots of different hair styles for Serafina with the included hair accessories. The bottles and other haircare tools can be stored on the cart, while the scissors and comb can also be kept in the hairdresser's apron. The back-mirror, hairdryer, hair straighteners, and bowl can all be held by the figures.