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[SF] Sea Breeze Rabbit Family
Ref: 5508Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Four figure poseable Limited Edition 35th Anniversary family set.

Epoch UK edition with flat hands.
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To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families we are welcoming a new family! The Sea Breeze family are handsome white & grey rabbits all wearing outfits with a nautical theme.

Mother Libby Seabreeze is the lighthouse keeper at Starry Point Lighthouse. Located on the highest cliff overlooking Sea Breeze Cape, the strong lamps in the tower keep the coastline safe for ships at night and during foggy weather. Libby is incredibly fit as there are lots of steps to climb in the lighthouse, and she goes up and down all day long checking on the lights, keeping the glass clean and making sure all the machinery is working just as it should.

Father Charlton Seabreeze runs his own little refreshment kiosk on the beach at Sea Breeze Cape. He is kept busy all summer long pouring drinks and serving up snacks for hungry seaside visitors. Charlton's speciality beverage is named a 'Sea Breeze' - after himself of course - which is a tasty mix of cranberry and grapefruit juice topped with a lime wedge garnish.

Sister Porsha Seabreeze has always loved the seaside. When she was younger she used to create the most spectacular sand castles and dreamed of princesses and fairy tales, bringing her sand creations to life with her imagination. Now Porsha is a little bit older, swimming is her main passion and she hopes to be a professional athlete when she grows up. For now, she works at the beach during the summer holidays as a trainee lifeguard.

Brother Huey Seabreeze loves fishing. It is his absolute favourite pastime, and when he's not doing it, he's talking about it to anyone who will listen! Whether it be stories about his best catches, to which type of bait works best in each location, he never stops. There's just one slight problem, Huey absolutely hates getting wet paws - and he certainly wouldn't wade out into the water - but luckily his best friend, Shane Sandy, is always on hand to assist him on their fishing expeditions.