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[SF] Lopez Chihuahua Twins [2020]
Ref: 5431Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Set of 2 baby figures – one sitting, one crawling. Also includes a ride-on car toy.
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Baby brother Pepi Lopez is a very quiet and patient little boy. He doesn't cry or fuss if he's hungry, or falls over, but when his mother, Conchita, pats him on the head and says 'good boy for not crying', he sometimes lets a few tears fall as he feels comforted and loved.

Baby sister Lola Lopez
sleeps for a long time every day. So much so, that some of the Sylvanians have never even seen her awake! Lola loves the blanket her father, Cesar, made for her when she was born and carriers it with her all times, whether asleep or awake.

Please note that in this version of the Chihuahua twins, both figures have the same markings on their faces, as show in the pack graphic above.