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[SF] Elegant Town Manor Gift Set (*)
Ref: 5391Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Looking for somewhere to live in town in Sylvania? Look no further, welcome to the Elegant Town Manor.
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If your Sylvanians fancy a change of scene, why not get them a beautiful apartment in town? The Elegant Town Manor has grand double doors, a spiral staircase, quaint curved balcony and a double-height ceiling upstairs.  The pretty chandelier gives a real feeling of elegance [but don’t forget it’s just for show], while the large windows let in lots of light.

This gorgeous gift set includes bedroom and dining room furniture in a pretty white design, and you even get a special Stella Chocolate figure in a new dress design, all of which is exclusive to this gift set.

Set includes Stella Chocolate with handbag, Luxury Bed, Chic Dining Set and tableware.

Approx height – 45cm
Approx footprint - 15cm x 25cm

Working Lights:
Add up to 2 working lights to this building using 5528 Ceiling Light which you will find HERE

Connects to Designer Studio, Cream Gelato Shop, Blooming Flower Shop, Delicious Restaurant