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[SF] Town Girl - Marshmallow Mouse
Ref: 5364Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Meet the Town Girls; the young ladies who live in the town working their dream jobs. Their younger siblings dream of becoming just like them one day!
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Stephanie Marshmallow is the older sister from the white mouse family – making her Katherine & Christopher’s big sister!

Stephanie is a talented furniture and interiors designer, who excels in creating the exact style her clients want, from minimalist and vintage to art deco.

Knowledgeable about all furniture styles, Stephanie is always on hand with helpful suggestions about how to arrange a room to look its best. She’s very neat and tidy, which helps her to keep track of all her designs. Outside of work, Stephanie loves playing board games, and often invites her friends over for an evening of competitive fun!

Set includes Stephanie herself, in a beautiful pale green & white dress with gold belt in a marshmallow motif – and a contrasting handbag of course!