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[SF] Beechwood Hall & Cosy Cottage Gift Set (*)
Ref: 5283Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Connect Beechwood Hall and Cosy Cottage Starter Home together to create one large house with seven rooms and a large central play area with this great value gift set.
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Welcome to Beechwood Hall, which when connected to Cosy Cottage creates a spacious family home with 7 rooms and two working lights. It has a balcony landing on the first floor with adjustable stairs, and the large central floor piece is reversable which can then form a large living area in the centre of the house, or be flipped over to create a garden lawn.

Get to school, the shops or go for a day out in the Bluebell Seven Seater car, which is also included in this bumper pack. There is also a selection of furniture included to start you on your journey to create your dream Sylvanian home!

Further working lights for the other rooms in the house can be purchased in the Home Interiors Set (4268).

Includes 3 figures. Other figures not included.
Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included).

Basic assembly required.

Working Lights:
Includes 2 working lights.
Add up to 3 additional working lights to this building using the Home Interiors Set which you will find HERE