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[SF] Hamburger Restaurant
Ref: 5271Age 3+Sylvanian Families
This colourful restaurant has eat in and take out, plus a 'drive-thru' window on one side

Over 30 pieces.
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Welcome to the Hamburger Restaurant! Whether you're eating in, getting take-out, or using the drive through, your Sylvanians will love getting a tasty meal from this colourful eatery.

As you may know, Sylvanians are vegetarians, so all the burgers on offer are veggie, cheese or fish! There are also potato fries and an assortment of soft drinks on the menu too. Inside there's a chef's station for preparing all the food, plus seating for four customers. There's a little step up to the drive-thru window so the staff can pass your goodies out of the serving window ready for you to drive off home.

Figures & car not included.

Approx height - 20cm
Approx footprint - 30cm x 25cm

Connects to Cedar Terrace, Cosy Cottage, Seaside Ice Cream Shop or the Toy Shop (all sold separately).

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