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Ref: 4699
Bluebell is a seven seater vehicle that the whole family can fit into with three doors an interchangea...
RRP £25.99£23.99
Ref: 5055
The caravan is fully equipped for your Sylvanian holiday. The Family Saloon Car is red and has a built...
RRP £79.99£72.99
Ref: 5241
Your Sylvanians can drive in style with this chic two-seater convertible!
RRP £17.99£14.99
Ref: 5454
Head out on your holidays in this home away from home. Includes clever kitchen and bathroom facilities...
RRP £34.99£29.99
Ref: 5448
This smart, red family car comes with a baby pushchair/car seat and has a retractable roof.
Ref: 4611
Red family car with picnic set, tray tables and baby seat.
RRP £21.99£19.99
Ref: 5240
With over 40 details pieces, this colourful Hot Dog Van will be a favourite lunch stop for all your Sy...
RRP £26.99£23.99
Ref: 5275
With space for 14 babies and a grown up driver, the Sylvanian babies adore travelling to nursery every...
Ref: 5101
With space for 14 babies and a grown up driver, the Sylvanian babies adore travelling to nursery every...
Ref: 4715
Your Sylvanian babies will love going to nursery school in this bright yellow bus.
Ref: 5238
With over 25 pieces including hedgehog father in bakery uniform the Pizza Delivery Set has to be one o...
RRP £17.99£12.99
Ref: 6007
All aboard! The Ride Along Tram is the best way to get to town and see all the best sights along the w...
Ref: 5048
This roof rack can add vital capacity to your Sylvanian car - perfect for family trips out or adventur...
RRP £14.99£13.99
Ref: 5301
Join newlyweds Troy & Arabella Dante as they sail off on the honeymoon of a lifetime aboard the Seasid...
RRP £89.99£64.99
Ref: 5255
Welcome aboard the Sky Ride Adventure! Come fly with us and take in the wonderful views over Sylvania.
Ref: 5317
With this brightly coloured nursery school bus, your Sylvanian babies will be having heaps of fun befo...
Ref: 5045
With over 30 detailed accessories The Caravan is ideal for holidays in Sylvania.
RRP £59.99£49.99
Ref: 4882
The Caravan won a Toy of the Year award when it was originally launched in 2009. Original Flair UK ...
Total Results : 1 - 18 Of 18