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Ref: 5210
Your Sylvanian babies and children will adore this fun seaside playground.
RRP £18.99£9.99
Ref: X8
George & Harriet are taking baby Freddie to the beach for the first time! They have packed everything ...
RRP £28.95£19.95
Ref: 5316
Every day at nursery school will be just like a fairy tale come true for your Sylvanian babies at the ...
RRP £29.99£26.99
Ref: 5256
Welcome to the Ballet Theatre, home to the Golightly School of Dance!
RRP £54.99£48.99
Ref: 4531
Welcome to Beechwood Hall, a delightful family home with working lights. Open up the house to reveal 5...
RRP £69.99£49.99
Ref: 5171
Welcome to Beechwood Hall. A lovely family home with working lights which any of your Sylvanians would...
RRP £99.99£69.99
Ref: 5056
Welcome to Beechwood Hall. A lovely family home with working lights which any of your Sylvanians would...
RRP £99.99£69.99
Ref: 5234
Over 30 pieces; includes Persian cat mother
RRP £44.99£29.99
Ref: 5055
The caravan is fully equipped for your Sylvanian holiday. The Family Saloon Car is red and has a built...
RRP £79.99£62.99
Ref: 4376
Welcome to Cedar Terrace. A smart three-storey town house and the first home of newlyweds Troy & Arabe...
RRP £79.99£44.99
Ref: 4375
Welcome to Cedar Terrace. A smart three storey town house which any Sylvanian Family would be delighte...
RRP £79.99£44.99
Ref: 5241
Your Sylvanians can drive in style with this chic two-seater convertible!
RRP £17.99£14.99
Ref: 6008
This pretty blue building is the Creamy Gelato Shop. Here, cat mother Georgina Maple, serves the fines...
RRP £24.99£22.49
Ref: 6018
Serving the finest food in town, this beautiful bistro boasts a spiral staircase, multiple layout conf...
RRP £49.99£44.99
Ref: 5365
Looking for somewhere to live in town in Sylvania? Look no further, welcome to the Elegant Town Manor.
RRP £59.99£49.99
Ref: 4370
The Log Cabin is the Sylvanians’ favourite holiday hideaway. Tucked away in the woods is a special p...
RRP £44.99£29.99
Ref: 5300
Create Red Roof Grand Mansion, the largest house in Sylvania, by connecting Red Roof Country Home and ...
RRP £96.98£89.99
Ref: 6007
All aboard! The Ride Along Tram is the best way to get to town and see all the best sights along the w...
RRP £29.99£24.99
Ref: 5209
During the school holidays and sometimes even at weekends, cat sister Tiffany Golightly loves nothing ...
RRP £15.99£11.99
Ref: 5206
Welcome aboard the Seaside Cruiser, a fun house boat perfect for holidays or a weekend away!
RRP £64.99£39.99
Ref: 5228
The Sylvanians just love to stop at Amelia Sandy's Ice Cream Parlour to choose from one of her tasty i...
RRP £34.99£24.99
Ref: 5231
Your Sylvanian babies will adore playing on this fun carousel when they visit the beach at Sea Breeze ...
RRP £15.99£12.99
Ref: 5230
Come and explore the crystal clear ocean at Sea Breeze Cape with tuxedo cat sister Lily Marlow!
RRP £14.99£10.99
Ref: 5229
This adorable seaside hideaway will keep your Sylvanian children and babies entertained all through th...
RRP £44.99£34.99
Ref: 5267
Welcome to Starry Point Lighthouse! This beautiful seaside home includes a working light, projector & ...
RRP £59.99£49.99
Ref: 5317
With this brightly coloured nursery school bus, your Sylvanian babies will be having heaps of fun befo...
RRP £22.99£20.49
Ref: 5243
The Treehouse & Log Cabin Gift Set is a great value all-in-one pack which includes 2 figures.
RRP £129.99£59.99
Ref: 5263
Toy Poodle mother Veronica Cakebread is an expert pastry chef and has opened her own shop in Sylvania!
RRP £44.99£29.99
Total Results : 1 - 28 Of 28