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Ref: 5244
With over 55 pieces, including 3 figures, the Brick Oven Bakery is packed with detail and play value.
RRP £59.99£39.99
Ref: 4707
With over 30 pieces the Butler Set includes everything that Mr. Cheshire needs to serve your Grand Hot...
Ref: 5266
Pick up a colourful sweet treat from the Candy Wagon.
Ref: 6016
Beautiful confectionaries are aplenty in the Chocolate Lounge. Take a seat on the comfy sofa and order...
Ref: 3205A
Kitchen essentials for your Sylvanians - includes 7 pieces.
Ref: 3205B
Kitchen essentials for your Sylvanians - includes 7 pieces.
Ref: 6008
This pretty blue building is the Creamy Gelato Shop. Here, cat mother Georgina Maple, serves the fines...
RRP £24.99£22.49
Ref: 6018
Serving the finest food in town, this beautiful bistro boasts a spiral staircase, multiple layout conf...
RRP £49.99£44.99
Ref: 4717
With over 40 pieces this is a wonderfully detailed set comprising of everything you need for a fabulou...
RRP £8.99£7.99
Ref: 4677
Colourful Fish & Chips Van with over 25 pieces. Includes bear father Finley Osborne. Flair UK editi...
Ref: 4660
Francesca Osborne is an expert fish fryer. Her van has lots of loyal customers, but none more regular ...
Ref: 5265
Get all of your five a day from the Fruit Wagon.
Ref: 4276
The Garden Party is perfect for a gathering of Sylvanian friends on the terrace, or in the grounds of ...
Ref: 5367
A traditional kitchen range with gold handles and double ovens.
Ref: 5240
With over 40 details pieces, this colourful Hot Dog Van will be a favourite lunch stop for all your Sy...
RRP £26.99£23.99
Ref: 4791
Colourful treats for Sylvanians young and old from this gorgeous Ice Cream Van.
Ref: 4478
Fresh fruit, jams and juices to quench your thirst. Includes rabbit mother Betty Blackberry
Ref: 5238
With over 25 pieces including hedgehog father in bakery uniform the Pizza Delivery Set has to be one o...
RRP £17.99£9.99
Ref: 4610
This colourful stall is full of delightful treats for your Sylvanians.
Ref: 4718
Whip up your favourite sandwich in a flash with this super-detailed set.
RRP £8.99£7.99
Ref: 5228
The Sylvanians just love to stop at Amelia Sandy's Ice Cream Parlour to choose from one of her tasty i...
RRP £34.99£24.99
Ref: 4190
With over 65 pieces the Seaside Restaurant has an exceptional reputation for serving the finest barbec...
RRP £44.99£39.99
Ref: 5054
Hop on over to the town square and pick up a tasty treat from the Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop.
RRP £10.99£9.99
Ref: 6012
Enjoy an afternoon tea in town with this gorgeous furniture & accessory set.
Ref: 5324
The Village Pizzeria is home to the most delicious pizzas in Sylvania. Includes over 30 pieces.
Total Results : 1 - 25 Of 25