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Our bumper Sylvanian Families Shop catalogue features hundreds of items across our three main product ranges. You have our unrivalled selection of  Sylvanian Families, over 400 different products, our extensive new range of Li'l Woodzeez, and all our beautiful 1:12 scale Dollshouse Boutique miniatures to really bring your homes and gardens to life.

Sylvanian Families - recommended for ages 3+
Li'l Woodzeez - recommended for ages 3+
Dollshouse Boutique - recommended for ages 14+


The catalogue is suppled free of charge to collectors in the UK and Republic of Ireland - use the form below to request your FREE copy today!

If you wish to order a catalogue for delivery overseas, that's no problem at all! There is a delivery charge of GBP £3.00 for sending your catalogue to you. You can pay GBP £3.00 via your PayPal account, using our email address paypal@sylvanianstorekeepers.com, to transfer your catalogue delivery payment to us. Once you have made your payment, there is no need to fill out the form below.

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