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Loyalty Club Points

Our Loyalty Club Points saving scheme is being retired in 2022 - but don't worry, there's still time to send in for your free gift! Claims for free gifts can be submitted to us by post, and instore, until the scheme closing date of January 31st 2022.


Download a Savings Leaflets in PDF format from our website here HERE and print out. Ensure you print at 'actual size' or 100% to ensure your point spaces are the correct size.

Affix your Loyalty Club Points to the savings grid on page 2. Once you have reached 24 points you will be entitled to claim a free Tier 1 gift, or for 45 points you will be entitled to claim a free Tier 2 gift. Make sure you keep your savings leaflet in a safe place, as lost loyalty club points cannot be replaced.

Fill out your name, email address and delivery address on page 2, and then choose and item from the list of free gifts below. Don’t forget to fill out your choice before posting the form.

Delivery of your chosen free gift is free to a UK address. If you are claiming a free gift to be delivered outside of the UK, you will need to affix 2 additional points to the savings grid on the spaces marked P1 & P2 in the relevent tier.

To claim your free gift, you will need to send your completed savings leaflet to us by post at the Sylvanian Families Shop in London at the address given on the savings leaflet to arrive no later than January 31st 2022.



You can choose from any of the products listed below**. Don't forget to add the item code and description to your savings leaflet before sending it off in the post.

TIER 1 GIFTS [24 points]

Li'l Woodzeez - Family Sets

Canberra Koala Family [706155]
Croakalily Frog Family [706260]
Curlicue Pig Family [706196]
Handydandy Mouse Family [706003]
Hoppingood White Rabbit Family [706006]
Moosicalmoo Cow Family [706195]
Quickquack Duck Family [706259]
Skyhopper Panda Family [706154]
Tippytail Fox Family [706483]
Woofwinkle Dalmatian Family [706157]

Sylvanian Families - Twin Baby Sets
Buckley Red Deer Twins [5119]
Chocolate Rabbit Twins [4468]
Doughty Chiffon Dog Twins [21380]
Goldbacke Hamster Twins [5123]
Hawthorn White Mouse Twins [5077]
Maple Cat Twins [5292]
Osborne Bear Twins [5086]
Walnut Squirrel Twins [5081]

TIER 2 GIFTS [45 points]

Sylvanian Families - Family Sets

Bubblebrook Elephant Family [5376]
Cakebread Toy Poodle Family [5259]
Caramel Dog Family [5459]
Chocolate Rabbit Family [4150]
Cottontail Rabbit Family [4030]
Darwin Monkey Family [5214]
Doughty Chiffon Dog Family [5000]
Fenton Yellow Labrador Family [5182]
Golightly Silk Cat Family [4175]
Hopper Kangaroo Family [5309]
Lopez Chihuahua Family [4387]
Periwinkle Milk Rabbit Family [4108]
Robinson Red Panda Family [5215]
Walnut Squirrel Family [4172]
Woolly Alpaca Family [5358]

Sylvanian Families - Ready-to-Play Sets
Baby Castle Playground [5319]
Baby Choo-Choo Train [5320]
Baby Tree House [5318]
Baby Ropeway Park [5452]
Cycling with Mother [4281]
Garden Barbecue Set [4869]
Nursery Picnic Set [5103]
The New Arrival [5433]

Sylvanian Families - Furniture Sets
Children's Bedroom Furniture [4254]
Chocolate Rabbit Father Set [5013]
Chocolate Rabbit Mother Set [5014]
Chocolate Rabbit Brother Set [5015]
Chocolate Rabbit Sister Set [5016]
Dining Room Set [5340]
Party Set [4269]
Piano & Desk Set [5284]
Village Shoe Shop [4862]

 **All products are subject to availability; we reserve the right to amend the list at any time.


1. The Sylvanian Families Shop Loyalty Club Points scheme is open to all our customers from all countries. It is not open to employees of SSK Productions Ltd., Epoch making toys Ltd., their agencies, families or anyone connected with the promotion.

2. Loyalty points were issued for every multiple of £10* spent with us online, instore or via mail order up until December 24th 2021. * Loyalty club point values will be on product purchases only and excludes any postage costs paid.

3. The points have no monetary value and can only be exchanged for Sylvanian Families products. They can only be redeemed through SSK Productions Ltd. at the Sylvanian Families Shop, or via post. Look after your loyalty club points, as lost points cannot be replaced.

4. When posting your completed savings leaflet, please ensure that all details are legible and complete. Completed savings leaflets much reach us by 31/01/22 to be processed.

5. No cash alternative can be offered and no correspondence entered into. Check your choice of free gift is available by visiting our website at www.sylvanianstorekeepers.com/loyaltyclubpoints

6. Your free gift will be delivered free of charge to a UK address. Overseas claims must have an additional two points affixed to the savings grid on spaces P1 and P2 in the relevant tier. All orders will be despatched within 1 working day of receipt.

7. The scheme will close on January 31st 2022. Points were issued on purchases, online and instore, up to and including December 24th 2021. Purcahses made after this date will not qualify for loyalty points. Any completed loyalty point savings leaflets much reach us by 31/01/22 to be processed.

8. The Sylvanian Families Shop Loyalty Club Points scheme is promoted by SSK Productions Ltd., The Sylvanian Families Shop, 68 Mountgrove Road, London, N5 2LT, United Kingdom. We reserve the right to modify, cancel or withdraw the scheme at any time. Any changes to the scheme will be communicated via our website at www.sylvanianstorekeepers.com/loyaltyclubpoints as necessary.

9. The scheme closes on 31/01/22.