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[LW] Hoppin' Farmers Market
Ref: 706126Age 3+Li'l Woodzeez
Find the freshest produce in town at the Hoppin' Farmers Market.

Includes over 95 pieces.
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It’s time to head to the shops and pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables. The Hoppin’ Farmers Market in Honeysuckle Hollow has the freshest produce in town. The Farmers Market is run by the Hoppingood rabbit family, who grow all the produce on their farm, just outside the village.

Browse the market stalls and pick up fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and even fresh honey! There is always something new to try.

Over 95 accessories. Figures not included.

Approx height - 16cm
Approx footprint - 30cm x 20cm

Connects to Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds-Bakery, Honeysuckle General Store, Walk-in Health Clinic