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[LW] Sweet & Treats Food Truck
Ref: 706152Age 3+Li'l Woodzeez
Lunch is ready, and it's coming this way!

This colourful food van is packed with tasty snacks and includes over 85 pieces.
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What’s that yummy smell wafting this way? And is it getting closer? It’s the Honeysuckle Sweet & Treats Food Truck, and it’s coming your way!

This colourful Food Truck is the best way to get your friends together to grab a bite, or a sweet dessert treat, without the pressure of having find a table at a busy restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a cheesy pizza with extra peppers, or a spicy burrito with fries on the side, you’ll find it here. There’s even a healthy selection of fresh fruit and vegetables too.

When it’s time for pudding, then pop around to the back of the truck where you can get your paws on a delicious frozen dessert cone from the ice cream machine.

Over 85 accessories. Figures not included.

Approx height – 23cm
Approx footprint - 40cm x 22cm