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[LW] Garden Set
Ref: 706535Li'l WoodzeezAge 3+
Hop on over to the vegetable patch and join sheep brother Jake Snipadoodle for a spot of gardening.

Includes over 30 pieces.
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Here in Honeysuckle Hollow we love fresh produce, especially when we’ve grown it ourselves. The soil here is rich in nutrients, which means our families can grow almost anything they like!

Join sheep brother Jake Snipadoodle as he picks up his tools and heads outside to the garden to tend to his vegetable patch. There’s weeding to do, and if we’re lucky perhaps there’ll be some ripe produce to harvest too. This detailed set includes everything Jake needs, including a watering can, tools, basket, and of course a full crop of fresh vegetables!

Over 30 pieces.
Includes sheep brother Jake Snipadoodle.