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Ref: 5450
If you’re looking for fun and adventure in the great outdoors, look no further! Welcome to the Adven...
RRP £49.99£44.99
Ref: 5334
Come and join cat baby Alfie Maple as he takes to the skies on the Baby Airplane Ride!
Ref: 5333
Come and join Toy Poodle baby Milo Cakebread as he climbs to new heights aboard the Baby Ferris Wheel!
Ref: 5453
Come and join hedgehog baby Bilberry Bramble as he shows us around his secret woodland den!
Ref: 5452
Come and join milk rabbit baby Henry Periwinkle as he climbs to new heights on the Baby Ropeway Park!
Ref: 4535
Decorate your Sylvanian garden with this pretty fountain and fancy bench.
Ref: 5091
With a barbecue grill set in the centre of the table, your family can all gather around and cook their...
Ref: 5361
Perfect for your Sylvanian park, garden or town square, this set is packed full of colourful detail.
Ref: 4368
Folding furniture perfect for life on the go! Great for holidays and camping trips.
Ref: 4869
Cream cat father Maurice Chantilly is famous for his barbecue parties and marvellous hospitality. E...
RRP £16.99£14.99
Ref: 5224
With over 30 detailed pieces including beautiful flower heads, flower stems and trailing ivy this set ...
Ref: 4447
Sling your hammock between two trees and settle down for a nice afternoon nap. Flair UK edition.
Ref: 4534
Pretty furniture for your Sylvanian garden.
Ref: 6005
Decorate your town streets with this real working streetlamp.
Ref: 5103
Time for a picnic lunch at Forest Nursery. Includes picnic blanket, picnic, toys and silk cat baby ...
RRP £10.99£9.99
Ref: 4507
Wrought-iron effect garden table & chairs. Perfect for any Sylvanian home.
Ref: 4833
Rustic patio furniture for your Sylvanian garden.
Ref: 5099
Includes hamster baby Peaches Hamilton and bear baby Freddy Petite.
Ref: 5207
Join rabbit sister Freya Chocolate as she celebrates her birthday with her friends and family.
RRP £18.99£16.99
Ref: 5209
During the school holidays and sometimes even at weekends, cat sister Tiffany Golightly loves nothing ...
RRP £15.99£11.99
Ref: 6012
Enjoy an afternoon tea in town with this gorgeous furniture & accessory set.
Ref: 5026
Over 25 detailed pieces make the vegetable garden set a must have for any Sylvanian home.
Total Results : 1 - 22 Of 22