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[SF] Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents [classic edition](*)
Ref: 4627Age 3+Sylvanian Families
2 figure poseable grandparent set in traditional Sylvanian clothing. Includes 2 pairs of glasses with bands to hold them in place.

Epoch UK edition with flat hands.
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Grandfather Rhys Chocolate has a sweet tooth for crystalised fruit. His wife Patricia is realy good at turning all kinds of fruit into jars full of sticky delights. Rhys therefore spends hours every day searching for new foods for his wife to preserve and bottle.

Grandmother Patricia Chocolate when she was younger she loved to share out the cooking and food preparation tasks with her now grown up children. These cooking lessons in her old kitchen lead to her son, Frasier becoming a confectioner when he grew up and a very good confectioner he is!

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