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[SF] Norwood Mouse Twins (*)
Ref: 1636Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Set of 2 baby figures - one sitting, one crawling.

Calico Critters USA edition from 2002.
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Baby brother Norman Norwood is a little boy who loves paper. He loves drawing and painting, but especially loves wet paper so he can mould it into different shapes and calls it 'paper mashed! It's very fortunate that his parents have so much spare paper in their shop for him to play with.

Baby sister Nellie Norwood is very good at crying, screaming and stomping her feet until she gets quite red in the face. Unlike her older sister, Nellie does not like to skeep. All the other children are afraid to go near her when she finally does fall asleep in case they wake her up again!

Calico Critters Packaging - This item is imported from the North American Sylvanian Families range and comes in Calico Critters packaging.

About our Collectors Items: Products with this status are highly collectable. They are items that have been out of production for a long time and are therefore rare and difficult to find. They are brand new in the original packaging, which can show some signs of wear due to its age. This product has two small tears in the lid of the box.