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[SF] Bathroom Furniture

[MIDBAR] Bathroom[MIDBAR] Bathroom
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Ref: 5092
It's bathtime for bear baby Melody Osborne, and her big sister Ava is there to help!
RRP £19.99£13.99
Ref: 5022
Detailed essentials for the smallest room in the house! Everything you need to keep your Sylvanians sq...
RRP £9.99£8.99
Ref: 5148
Bathroom basics suitable for any Sylvanian home.
Ref: 5380
15 piece bathroom furniture set with elephant sister figure.
Ref: 3142
Ceramic bathroom sink with mirror, towel rail & accessories. Tomy UK edtion from 1987.
Ref: 4201
Ceramic toilet with lift-up seat and lid. Flair UK edition from 2003.
Ref: 5015
This detailed cloakroom set is perfect for any Sylvanian home, large or small.
RRP £16.99£14.99
Ref: 5286
Detailed bathroom furniture set with over 20 pieces.
Ref: 5034
With over 35 pieces this wonderful set will give your Sylvanians a very well appointed bathroom!
Ref: 5445
Help your Sylvanians keep their lovely homes spic and span with these modern household appliances.
RRP £9.99£8.99
Ref: 4539
Toilet with lift-up seat and lid, plus a matching loo brush and holder.
Ref: 4720
Garden themed toilet facilities for the babies from your Sylvanian nursery school.
RRP £11.99£9.99
Ref: 5449
Starter furniture for the two most important rooms in your house, the kitchen and the bathroom. All th...
RRP £26.99£24.99
Ref: 5549
Figure & furniture set with washing machine, vacuum cleaner and rabbit father figure.
RRP £14.99£12.99
Ref: 5550
Figure & furniture set with bath, shower, toilet and rabbit sister figure.
RRP £14.99£12.99
Ref: 5020
Bathroom accessories for even the smallest of spaces!
RRP £9.99£8.99
Total Results : 1 - 16 Of 16