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[SF] Delicious Restaurant (*)
Ref: 6018Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Serving the finest food in town, this beautiful bistro boasts a spiral staircase, multiple layout configurations, and a host of accessories.
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Welcome to the Delicious Restaurant which serves the finest food in the Sylvanian Town. This beautifully designed building has a spiral staircase, colourful awnings and a whole host of furniture and accessories – even an outfit for your executive chef to wear!

The kitchen furniture and pans are decorated with a beautiful rose motif, and just wait until you see what’s on the dessert trolley! This new bistro is the perfect place to end your day in town, or stop off for a restorative lunch during your busy day out shopping. Why not come on in and check out the menu?

Approx height - 35cm
Approx footprint - 15cm x 25cm

Figures not included.

Connects to Creamy Gelato Shop, Designer Studio, Grand Department Store

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