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[SF] Treehouse & Log Cabin Gift Set
Ref: 5243Sylvanian FamiliesAge 3+
The Treehouse & Log Cabin Gift Set is a great value all-in-one pack which includes 2 figures.
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The Treehouse & Log Cabin Gift Set contains the following products:


Fulfil your Sylvanians' childhood dreams and treat them to the amazing Sylvanian treehouse! The treehouse of course comes with a climbable tree, on which you can position the beautifully crafted wendy house. The fun never ends as there is both a slide, a tree swing and detachable ladders so your Sylvanians can climb up and down and up and down all day!

Log Cabin
The Log Cabin is the Sylvanians’ favourite holiday hideaway. Tucked away in the woods is a special place for holidays with friends and family in summer sun or winter snow. The cabin is packed with lovely features including two hammocks to sleep in. Hidden below the sun deck is an inviting hot tub and shower.

Kitchen Stove, Sink & Counter Set

Kitchen essentials for any Sylvanian home. Featuring a clever set of units that can be arranged side-by-side, separately, or in a corner meaning they are the perfect fit whichever Sylvanian house you have! The is even a cooking pot, chopping board, knife and veg included too!

Vegetable Garden Set
Sylvanians love to grow their own produce and the easiest way to do that is to create a vegetable patch in their gardens! From seedlings to fully matured pumpkins, carrots and cauliflowers there's a huge variety of vegetables here. There's a garden tap and hose for watering and even a barrel tub for putting your vegetables in once you have harvested them.

Family Barbecue Set

Set includes BBQ table & benches, food, fishing rod and bucket. Everything you could need for your family BBQ!

2 figures
Rabbit mother Teri Chooclate and her daughter Freya just love spending time at their cabin in the hills. They come wearing special matching outfits, exclusive to this gift set.