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[SF] School Sports Day
Ref: 4416Age 3+Sylvanian Families
Sports Day in Sylvania can get quite competitive, and that's just the parents! Barry and Katy are looking forward to racing today.

Flair UK edition with 'gripping' style hands.
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It's Sports Day today and there is much excitement from the pupils and staff alike. Rabbit cousin Barry Periwinke and mouse sister Katy Norwood are both really looking forward to Sports Day. 

Katy wants to win the sack race and Barry is hoping to win the cup for his class and has been in training for the egg & spoon race all term.  There are lots of events taking place so everyone will be a winner!

Both figures included.

Please note that the mouse included in this set differs from the mouse shown in some photos. The set has been manufactured with a lighter coloured mouse included instead. Please see the picture of the packaging to see the mouse that is actually included with the Sports Day set.

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